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As a native of North Carolina and proud citizen of Raleigh, I want to see a thriving community. I understand the importance of increasing opportunity and choice so people can succeed and live their dreams. To that end, I want to expand housing opportunities so people can live where they work. I want to restore our broken criminal justice system so that people's rights are protected. Finally, I want to expand educational choice for families so that they can find the best educational fit for their child.

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Housing Affordability

  • Allow duplexes and triplexes by-right wherever single-family homes are permitted

  • Support Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Repeal unnecessary land use restrictions


Criminal Justice Reform

  • End victimless crimes

  • Pardon non-violent drug offenders

  • End qualified immunity

  • End warrantless searches and civil asset forfeiture


Educational Choice

  • Expand Education Savings Account

  • Expand Opportunity Scholarship

  • Let tax dollars follow the child

  • Support Charter Schools

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